How to Create The Perfect Beachy Waves

Ever wonder how you could create the perfect beachy wave look at home? We've the answer below!

This week I am back with a slightly different approach, I thought you ladies might really enjoy a Hair Tutorial.

A quick and easy video you ladies can follow along to and try recreate your own sexy beachy look! Which by the way will be a huge summer trend.

For this look I used a 2 inch curling tongs, I used it mine just like a hair wand by wrapping the hair around the barrel.

You want to use a large tongs to just create a bend in the mid-lengths of the hair.

Pre styling you could use some dry shampoo to refresh or some texturizing spray for a messier look that will also have extra hold.

I also used some hair spray and some light hair wax at the ends just to define and separate out the waves to make it look a bit more lived in.

I hope you ladies enjoyed this tutorial, if you recreate the look please send me a picture all my links are bellow for my social media

Watch the video below to find out how you can create the perfect beachy waves: