Your Life Changing Guide to Using Shampoo

When it comes to choosing the correct shampoo for your hair here are some questions you should ask yourself.

1. What is my hair type example greasy, dry, fine?

2. My budget?

3. Do you have colour in your hair?

4. Are you more in to natural based shampoos example sulphate free

So I always try and rotate my shampoo quite regularly, every two to three months as I feel itโ€™s always good to change up your hair care routine and also there are so many different ones available we have so much choice and I totally appreciate that! You could stumble upon the perfect shampoo for your hair that will make all the difference.

In conjunction with my normal shampoo routine, I always use a clarifying shampoo once a week. Clarifying Shampoo is used to strip the hair of build up from either products like gels, oils, serums or just oil build up if you have very greasy locks.

A Clarifying Shampoo is life changing!! Ladies after you use it your hair feels squeaky clean and super clean.

The one I really like is Pantene Clarifying Shampoo it really affordable and I just seen it was voted in the latest issue of Vogueโ€™s top 100 products!

Do not use this daily as you can strip your hair too much making it dry but once a week one shampoo is enough.


Sulphates vs Sulphate Free Shampooโ€™s

Lately in the beauty and hair world there is a lot of focus on Sulphates.

Sulphates are chemicals that are used typically in cleaning for example in cleaning products and detergents.

So many of us now are very health conscious, I think most people choose Sulphate Free products to minimise any chemical intake, on our skin and hair also they are more eco-friendly and carry out no testing on animals.

My view is I think both serve purpose and again we are so lucky to live in a world with so much choice and I feel itโ€™s completely up to the individual. I use both to be honest.

Sulphates are an active ingredient in a product for cleaning purposes, they are what causes your shampoo to foam up when you wash your hair.

When you use Sulphate Free shampoo you may find they do not lather well that is because of the lack of Sulphates in the product. However it is thought to be better for your health.

Latest studies have shown that Sulphates can cause scalp irritation and can cause colour to fade faster and make your hair dryer in texture so always good to try out Sulphate free shampoo to see if you feel a difference.

The price tag on Sulphate free shampoo is for sure more expensive however they can be worth it if you suffer from a skin condition like Eczema or Psoriasis and p.s your worth it :)