3 Things That ARE Damaging YOUR Hair

My approach to Hairdressing has always been a bit different, I want my clients to have the best hair possible not only when they step out of our session, but I want to educate and improve people’s life’s, that’s my goal. I want to change the game in my industry.


My approach to hairdressing I would like to think is quite holistic, firstly my studio is a private space, so people can relax in the atmosphere and tell me there hair goals and problems, from there I like to put a plan in place on how I can help and achieve the best possible results for each client as every person’s needs are so different.

I don’t want to be a quick fix for clients; I want to make them really think about their health and wellbeing from the inside out.


1. Poor Diet

Having a diet full of take aways and over processed foods can make the hair and skin very dull and oily, so start limiting your intake of fast foods.

Hair is made of mainly keratin, and it needs protein to grow and stay healthy. Great sources of protein are in chicken fillets, eggs, fish, and lean beef.

Increase your vegetable/Fruit intake - the fresher the better. These are full of micro nutrients. The easiest ways to start increasing your fruit and veg intake is with smoothies or juices made at home to be sure of no added sugars!

Another Key component for super nourished hair is collagen; this can be taken as a supplement from a health food store or by drinking Bone Broth: Primal Piggy has an amazing blog for health and fitness/ recipes here!



2. Stress

We all know what it feels like to be super stressed and overwhelmed these days! With massive to do lists and so many jobs, we all can reach total overload.

Stress can cause hair loss and more severe stress can cause problems like alopecia which is bald patches on the scalp, it is very distressing and upsetting.

I feel life’s pace is so so fast these days so the best way to combat the stress is to meditate daily, there are wonderful apps you can download for free on your phone which will track and remind you to meditate. (Some apps that I use are: Calm and Headspace).

Another form of stress relief I love is to get creative. Get a mindful colouring book, they are so enjoyable to colour in.

Lastly - actively un-plug from social media or devices in the early evening as they can really affect your sleep and it gives your body time to get in to sleep mode before bedtime.


3. Your Environment  

There are a few environmental factors that can cause poor hair quality such as hard water, this can make the hair very difficult to clean therefore creating a build-up in the hair it can make it feel very dry and brittle.

Hard water is full of lime and can cause havoc with your hair colour it can cause your hair to have a greenish tinge. Also changing temperatures during winter months going from cold, damp air outside to hot, dry air inside can dry the hair out and make it static and frizzy.

Not forgetting to mention the sun, which is also another factor that can affect the texture and colour of your hair, making sure you use some UV protection when in the sun is vital to keep it from drying out and fading in colour. A good leave-in conditioner will nourish your hair while protecting it from harmful sun damage.

I feel this is best approach to beautiful healthy tresses, holistically if the body, mind, and soul are healthy you will exude health and wellbeing from the inside out.