The 2 Most Common Hair Issues...SOLVED!

Oily Greasy Hair:

In my experience we can all say we have had a bout of greasy hair days at some point in our lives some common causes of this issue can be.


Poor Diet, Hormonal changes (Pregnancy or coming off Birth Control), Hard Water, Product Build up, Fine hair gets oilier faster, Touching your hair too much


Cleaning up your diet less take-away and oily foods. Getting your Hormone levels checked out by a blood test to see if you have any imbalance in the body.

Buying a Clarifying Shampoo and using once a week, this really gets rid of any build-up of oil in the hair leaving it feeling light and really super clean! If you have fine hair resist washing daily! Overwashing stimulates more oils

STOP touching and playing with your hair, each time we touch our hair it is a magnet to dirt and oils from our hands. Change your pillow case every 3 days!, sometimes our pillow cases hold on to all the oils and grime from our hair and face creams thus every night it holds a build-up of bacteria, this is a great tip if you are suffering from Acne also. 


Dry Flaky Scalp:

The loss of skin cells on the scalp is a normal part of life, however when this becomes excessive flaking of the scalp or dandruff is increasingly present, this is a common cosmetic problem experienced by so many people


Dandruff, Dermatitis, Eczema, Your current shampoo not being suitable or too fragranced for you if you're on the sensitive side, being dry from the inside of your body to the outside


A visit to the GP will be able to help you determine if your dry scalp is just dandruff or if it is a little more serious like Dermatitis or Eczema the doctor can recommend specially formulated shampoo to clear all the excess from the scalp and soothe the itching.

Sometimes it can be as simple as changing to a different shampoo one I would recommend for this problem would be Nizoral Dandruff Shampoo it is available over the counter in Boots and most Pharmacies, it is really good for a mild irritation it calms down the itching and removes the flakes.

Being dry from the inside out means you need to up your intake of good quality fish oils, to restore the dryness or consume some more avocados to increase good fats in your diet.

Increase your intake of water, if you have dry lips or skin its usually a good indicator we need more water, sipping all day will keep you hydrated and make you glow from the inside.