12 Simple Hair & Beauty Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Easier

Prepping for your wedding day can seem so overwhelming and as it gets so hectic around those last few weeks before the big day.

Here are some of my own hair and beauty tips pre wedding day to make sure you are organised and beautiful on the day!

1. Make sure youโ€™ve found the perfect hair colour you would like months in advance of the wedding day. Keep on top of getting regular trims and hair treatments/products from your salon or hairdresser.

2. Hair up or down? This really depends on the dress I feel, and also your hair type for example if you have really very frizzy hair it might be best to wear it up and completely out of your way so you wonโ€™t have to worry about it frizzing and annoying you all day.

3. Veil or No Veil?? Another big question you need to know, as veils can determine a lot about the hairstyle you choose to get remember the hairstylist needs to have notice of a veil as it changes everything about the look.

4. Get in to a really good skin care routine, I would recommend a course of facials at a salon or if you are on a budget do it at home with a very good face mask and intensive moisturiser. You really want your skin to be glowing that day and this will ensure your make up goes on smoothly and insure it to last all day long. Do NOT get any intensive facials the week of the wedding

5. Book a make-up trial with a few makeup artists, itโ€™s good to look around and see who you prefer and what make up lasted the best. Take photos of each look also and you will get a great indication how the make-up will photograph which is very important. You want to look beautiful, soft and natural.

6. Get those Nails in shape girls!!! This process also needs some time to perfect before the big day, especially if youโ€™re a nail biter get a regular manicure which will make your hands look so good with some cuticle work and keep applying cuticle oil to the nail and it will keep them strong and healthy.

7. If you fake tan, make sure to exfoliate your skin and moisturise well in the weeks up to the wedding. The best thing to do is no fake tan for about 3 weeks before the wedding so when you do apply it, it will look like a bronze goddess.

8. Get some teeth whitening tooth paste! Making sure you teeth are clean and white because you will be doing a lot of smiling on the day :)

9. A few days before the wedding, sit down and make a list of photographs you specifically want for example a shot of you and a grandparent or one of you and a best friend then give this list to the photographer the day of the wedding so they can then make sure they get the specific pictures you want. This makes sure you are not disappointed when you get the photographs.

10.  You may not want to video the ceremony right now, but trust me in years to come you will be so happy to have that moment captured. You donโ€™t have to pay a videographer, just delegate the job to a family member or friend, it is so lovely in years to come to be able to share the moment you became a Mr & Mrs with the grandchildren :)

11.  Delegate, Delegate, Delegate! do NOT try do everything yourself as it will overwhelm you ask give each friend or family member a job this is key, it also makes everyone apart of the day and all people want to do is help you.

12.  Finally on the day remember to take in all the moments, from how you felt getting in to the dress to the moment you see the love of your life. Stay PRESENT and soak it all in, take a few minutes with your new husband alone share a drink together and enjoy every moment.