3 Spring-Summer Hair Trends You MUST Try!

Finally spring has definitely sprung girls! So this week I have some trends that were super dominant on the catwalk for Spring Summer 2016.

I adore fashion, make up and everything creative, I find inspiration EVERYWHERE!, from colour in Graffiti pieces in the city, to exploring architecture, or Magazine campaigns, to all the women in our city of all different ages rocking out their own personal style.

Trends I feel are a wonderful way of trying something new, taking you out of your comfort zone and embracing change. Just have fun, let go and be you! Put your own personal twist on it.


Tough Girl Braids

Every Spring Summer I always feel that braids come back with a bang but each year a slightly different take on it.

This year on the runway shows from Paris we saw Braids, but a very tough and tight approach not the average romantic soft braid. These braids are Box Braids very tight to the head, similar to a cornrow, full of structure and severity, or think prim and proper school girl with a severe pony with a braid trailing down the hair.

These looks were used in the Valentino & Celine runway shows.  Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian have been sporting this latest trend in a big way.


Lived-in waving Hair

The lived in waves were seen in Calvin Klein and Chloe SS16 shows. This is for sure the most wearable and current trend, that subtle look of waves no curls! think if you curled your hair and you know how it looks just a day or so after curls, really textured messy and rough!( bed head).

To achieve this look the easiest way is after you wash your hair, put it up as if you were going to put a pony tail in, but twist the hair around on itself in to a top knot then put the band on last around the hair. Sleep in this and the next day when you take it down it looks super wavy and sexy.

Or you can use a wand but take random chunks and leave out at least two inches at the ends of the hair, this creates a bend in the mid lengths and not a curl. For added drama and texture use some salt spray or hair texturizing spray it makes it look more lived in less pretty.


Messy Buns

This trend is going nowhere fast ladies! It’s been going strong now for a while! I personally love it as it can be done in a high or low bun and styled with accessories to spice it up a little more! Also perfect for ladies that are on the go and super busy. The designers who were sporting this look in their shows were Balenciaga, Tory Burch, and Rag & Bone.

Another look that I think looks super cute is two messy buns high or low on the head and I think this summer at festivals this look will be huge! So ladies I hope this has given you some Spring Summer inspiration for your tresses!

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