8 Life Changing Tips for Fine Hair

This week I am going to be giving some top tips for fine hair. As I myself fall in to this category its something I deal with on the daily.


So here are some of my top tips to make your hair look fuller and healthier. 

1. As I have mentioned before I think true health begins within and your hair tells us a lot about your health.So eating a well balanced diet is a great place to start. 

Making sure to eat plenty of fresh foods, proteins and good fats such as Avocado & Coconut oil.  

It will not only improve your hair but your skin and general health. We need to nourish our bodies so we have healthy hair growth. 


2. Find a Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner these will swell the hair so when you blow-dry the hair appears much fuller and thicker, these are specially formulated for fine hair so give these a go and you will notice a real difference. 

They cleanse the hair without weighing it down, sometimes normal shampoo can be just too much for fine hair and will make your hair dull and limp. 


3. Switch your Parting! this is such a great way of making your hair look thicker.Most people have one side that is naturally thicker and the other side will be much finer, so put your parting nearer the centre and not such a deep side part it will even out the hair thickness on both sides.


4. Use a root booster spray before you blow-dry the hair.These sprays will create lift and volume at the roots and will hold the hair in place all day making the hair look so much thicker. 

Also ladies using Velcro Rollers they are a fine haired girls best friend!! after blowdrying place some velcro rollers all around the top section of your head and leave in for 20 mins until the hair has cooled down.

These will give you the most volume and make your blow-dry look as if you just stepped out of the salon. 

You can pick up Velcro Rollers from Penneys. 


5. Get a Volumising haircut, when you have super fine hair the thoughts of getting layers can be so terrifying but If you get the correct long layer in your hair with a blunt baseline you can make your hair appear much thicker. 

Make sure to have a good consultation with your hairstylist before getting the chop and ask for there advice, just because you have fine hair it does not have to be boring. 


6. Get some Volumising Colour, I find if the hair has very little colour added it can appear much thinner as when we add colour it swells the hair shaft making it feel fuller. 

Also when we strategically add colour correctly to the hair we can create an optical illusion of depths and tones, this will create dimension and give life to fine hair. 

Getting the correct colour in fine hair can make all the difference! we can use it to frame the face create shade and light in all the right places.


7. Turn down the heat!!! I cannot stress this enough, If you have fine hair with colour or highlights in your hair do not use heated tools often as it will cause the hair to very brittle and break.

Use Heat protection sprays when applying heat to the hair. 


8. Purchase a hair filler piece! after all my experimentation with extensions over the years many times, I have come to the conclusion that really taking the time and improving the hair you have by all the tips above is the best option.

Extensions are wonderful for a short time but all that weight attached to your natural hair is not good for it.

I found attaching one clip in filler extension is the best solution to all the problems.

Its temporary which I love! no use of heat or glue and can be worn on occasion for that added boost of thickness. 

Also its a one off investment in price and is much cheaper than a full head of extensions. 

You can find these clip ins from:  https://buyonline.hairspray.ie/clip-in-hair-extensions/pump-up-hair-piece