Curly Hair Hacks

To my gorgeous naturally curly haired ladies, this week I am breaking down some top tips to keep those curls under control.

I know curly hair is really difficult to manage at times and always tends to look super when you have no where to go! how typical lol.

These tips come tried and tested and with stamps of approval from my clients.

I understand every curly haired lady has different hacks that work for them, however I hope you get something new from these hairfairy hacks.


1. Do not use too much shampoo or conditioner with curly hair less is more in this situation. 


2. When washing curly hair try not rub the hair too vigorously as this creates friction which can 

create frizz so be as gentle as possible not to make a huge nest when shampooing the hair.


3. When towel drying the hair after washing, do not put the towel on the top of your head place it on the hair 

and downwards like a low pony tail, gently squeeze out excess moisture again do not rub vigorously. 


4. Add Curling products first before brushing to mid-lengths and ends then using a tangle teaser or wide comb, brush 

gently from ends upwards this will evenly distribute the curling product through the hair for perfect application.


5. My Favourite recommended curl products all tried and tested from my customers are Aveda Be Curly Range available fromBrown Thomas prices start around €25.99 , also Amika Curl Cream available from my studio €25.99 or


6. The best way to put the curl back in to the hair after combing is section the hair off in a horse shoe section,  then take random pieces then twist around your finger until it looks similar to a dreadlock, repeat all over the head until all hair is twisted. 


7. You could natural dry the hair but I much prefer to use a Diffuser as it gives better definition and volume to the curls.

I always get a client to flop all the hair forwards and place the hair gently in to the diffuser, thisdistributes the heat more evenly and dries the curl with less frizz.


8. To finish add about 4 drops of any hair oil such as Aragon or Moroccan oil this is a great tip as it keeps curls extra hydrated and will keep frizz away all day long. 

Curly Hair craves moisture so keeping it hydrated without making it too soft is key! 


9. Get your haircut very regularly as it keeps your curls bouncy fresh and full of life.